Name: Jola Lipka
Born: in Warsaw
Resident: mostly in Warsaw


Besides photography, I love...

  • New York City, Venice and Sevilla...
  • Internet and cooking;
  • Cats - mine, someone else's and ownerless
  • temperament hack horses -
  • Hans Zimmer and Ist piano concert of Czajkowsky;
  • 'Mis' and 'Forrest Gump', 'Sleepless in Seattle' and 'The rock';
  • margerita, alsatian Pinot Gris and hot hungarian goulash;
  • and - the most - travels. Far and close. Lonely and with a companion. To civilization and to wilderness. All of them. I love to leave and... come back.
    Because I love my home as well.

Besides frutti di mare, I hate...
  • discotheques and fishing;
  • reality shows and soap operas;
  • spending time in traffic jams (but I love the city, so I humbly tolerate them...)

I'm dreaming about...

The lazy holiday in Sicily... To eat manicotti in a wayside trattoria, to lay in an olive tree grove in the hot afternoon and savor sicilian Passomaggio...

JOLA LIPKA about herself:

OccupationLawyer-photographer :-)
Sign of the ZodiacLibra
Color of eyesHazel
Color of hairI'm not blonde.
Education Bachelor of Law
Driver licenceI can't imagine my life without the car.
Knowledge of foreign languages English and German. Last year I started to learn Italian and I love it! I'm planning to learn Spanish, but so far... it's only a plan ... :-)
Other skillsI can cook well.
In most cases, I have the ability to bring to fruition ideas that at first seem impossible to do.
SportsHorse riding and bike.
Character I have!
PatienceLack. But I'm working on it. ;-)
My favourite bookNot the one only. 'The Little Prince' of Exupery, 'The Unbearable Lightness of Being' of Kundera, 'By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept...' of Coehlo, 'Demon with the viola' by Orlov.
My favourite filmBesides the above-mentioned: 'Only you', 'Sabrina', 'Indecent proposal'. But also 'Gladiator' and 'Armaggedon'.
I love all the Bareja's films as well.
My f avourite foodHungarian and chinese.
My f avourite colorGreen
My favourite fragranceCarolina Herrera's '212' and 'Issey Miyake'
Dress styleClassic. I like neckerchiefs and hats.
My favourite way of spending time Travelling.
But also horse riding, movie, dinner by candlelight...
My f avourite programme on TVI do not watch TV.
AddictionsAddiction to the civilization, mainly computer.
Notorious exceeding speed limits.
Also I have a little obsession about wine. ;-)
My greatest disadvantageI am a flash in the pan.
My greatest advantageI never do what 'all the people do'...
Attitude to moneyThey give me freedom.
For the first million... I'll see half of the world...
FriendshipIt's really luck to have somebody who can you call your friend.
I'm impressed byCompletion of dreams.
I think highly aboutMy privacy. And keeping one's word.
I likePâté and dumplings with plums my Mammy makes.
I loveFreedom.
I feel offended byInfantile and pretentious.
I don't likeCloddishness and baloney.
I find repulsiveLies.
I despiseGossips.
I can't standIntolerance.
I hateDesinterested envy.
I can'tMake decisions .
I collectParking tickets. And memoirs.
I like menThat's true. I like them.
I like women Rarely. But then truly.
Who or what I would like to be if I wouldn't be myselfPianist.
I'm dreamingUnceasingly.
I'm dreaming to playTo play first fiddle... ;-)
Today isNovember, 27th 2004

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